Cloud Computing – An Introduction & Benefits

15 Jun , 2016 admin 

Cloud Computing
The essence of the Cloud computing concept is to provide users with remote for dynamic access to applications and computing resources. It doesn’t ha ...Read More



Top Apple Watch Applications for Business & Office Use

2 Jun , 2016 admin 

apple watch apps
There are so many apps which you can download on your Apple phone which will prove to be advantageous for your business. Such applications will not ju ...Read More



Why it is necessary to be regularly updated on social media?

24 May , 2016 admin 

Social Media
Social media has fast emerged as a tool to reach a wide audience. It was without any doubt changed the entire dynamics of marketing world. New avenues ...Read More

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WordPress 4.4 Clifford: Explore its Key Features

12 May , 2016 admin 

wordpress 4.4 clifford
Earlier this month, the new WordPress Core update was released to the world formally. After a rigorous WordPress development led by Scott Tyler, a cor ...Read More

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11 Useful PHP Libraries for Developers

29 Apr , 2016 admin 

PHP Developers
PHP is a powerful scripting language that makes it easier for the website developer to create engaging and dynamic web pages. It offers too many featu ...Read More

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4 Most Popular YouTube Channels for Learning Cakephp Development

8 Apr , 2016 admin 

Cakephp youtube channels
CakePHP, an MVC platform for PHP make things faster and easier. This platform is known for the never before resources which have set the best examples ...Read More

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Laravel 5.2 Update & New Features

24 Feb , 2016 admin 

Laravel 5.2
Laravel, a PHP framework is used for developing everything from little to enterprise level applications. Its inventive and linguistics syntax makes la ...Read More

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Mobile App Development

7 Most Popular Cross-platform Mobile App Development Tools

19 Feb , 2016 admin 

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
Nowadays, enterprises are mobilizing their business to increase profits and boost productivity. Going mobile is an upward trend in the business world ...Read More

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Magento 2.0 – An Overview

16 Feb , 2016 admin 

magento 2.0
Originally launched by a California based company and later sold to the American company eBay, Magento is an ...Read More