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7 Valuable Resources for Cakephp Development

The framework pursuing the concept of model-view-controller and focusing on the architectural base of our websites is the CakePHP website development framework. It has strong reverse routing and is famous among the developers for its dynamic capabilities. CakePHP development services have been made easy with the assistance of a community of developers who have years of experience working for the CakePHP development. There are great resources that provide you help for the cakePHP programming and is the source of information such as:

CakePHP Manual

Official manual is the first place to hit the block, where you can get the authentic and accurate information. Not just the codes, but the documentations and practices are also accessible here. All the information you get here is highly reliable and can be separated easily into simple parts talking about MVC, core libraries, consoles and shells and more. It provides you with the core knowledge, thus enabling you to make quality decisions.

CakePHP Online API

CakePHP online API provides the platform to gather every detail related to latest APIs available in the collection of API packages. Everything can be easily sorted and can be classified with discrete sections such as interfaces, classes, exceptions and functions. Now, you can easily gain knowledge regarding APIs with the help of a reference platform offered by the API repository to open your core functionality of the web applications.

CakePHP Plugins & Packages

Plugins and packages support buffet of plugins for CakePHP development and each plugin defines its own namespace, therefore allowing you to pop it into other applications. It allows you to search the directory where you come across wide-ranging plugins and tools placed under different groups such as Admin, Interface and SEO. In the main category, it provides you an auto-listing facility if you don’t have resource name.

Stack Overflow

Are you searching for an ideal CakePHP development solution or may be looking to get the answer to your specific CakePHP query? Stack Overflow is the right place for you, as the Stack Overflow community has over 4.7 million programmers. You get instant help or answer for your CakePHP related query from experts. An existing pool of question and answer offers the resolution, based on most voted most active and newest ones.


Github has emerged as one of the top-notch network and is known for its productive communities. It allows developers to see the latest CakePHP developments by acting as a programming tool. It is considered to be the best platform for the new developers who are learning how to tackle the problems they confront while developing cake PHP applications, thus helping them to work in a seamless way.

CakePHP Google Group

The Cakephp google group is among the popular officials forum allowing your involvement as an author for the posts and various topics listed in the order of recent post received. Minimum efforts are required to fetch the correct, reliable and spam free information as the shared topics undergo strict moderation as per the norms of google standards.


This is the best resource for the PHP tutorials. If you are looking for PHP video lectures in any language and in any length, then it is one of the best place to search. Learn new technology at an advanced level because it is featured with lots of topics like CakeFest, how CakePHP works and more. Everything is free of cost, thus providing you the best way to collect in-depth information about development scenarios of the CakePHP.

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