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Why Choose Cakephp for Large scale Web Application Development

Thinking of developing large web application using PHP model, then choose CakePHP. Gain strength, work effectively and get cost effective solution with this framework. It provides an extensible architecture for developing and deploying applications. Being the most renowned PHP development framework, CakePHP has won the attention of various developers worldwide.

Lets have a look of the numerous features of CakePHP which makes it the best choice for Large scale web application development:

Multi language support

CakePHP is highly compatible with numerous languages, making it suitable for big scale web applications. It provides developers an easiness of working by not creating any language barrier for them to work on the default language

MVC Based Pattern

The Model View Controller (MVC) is followed by Cakephp which helps in connecting the queries and saving the data to the database. If any sort of modification is required like deleting, inserting and altering anything within the database, you can easily do with the help of MVC. It offers real time progress by refreshing itself every time when you view the model.

No Configurations

With CakePHP you are just required to take care of the database connection settings because this framework has its own comprehensive range of attributes and features which can be auto detected. No configuration is required and the developer using this framework doesn’t need to specify any URL of any website or location of the library.

Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

Object Relational Mapping used by CakePHP is a great programming technique used to convert the data between incompatible type systems in relational databases and object-oriented programming languages. It defines relations, validate definitions and predefined specific calls for every table.

Reduce the Unnecessary Efforts of Coding

With CakePHP inbuilt code libraries, forget writing each letter of the code by yourself. It benefits developers by saving their time and developing application in shorter duration. CakePHP comes with many plugins, modules and components for which writing a source code is not required.

Highly Safe and Secured Platform

CakePHP comes with security component to provide tighter security in your application. The framework is an excellent tool which is licensed under the MIT license. It comes with a bunch of built in tools to keep your application safe and secured like SQL injection prevention, input validation, XSS prevention and CSRF protection.

Create your own Test Cases

Large applications required test cases to ensure proper working. CakePHP provides you to create your own tests like core tests, custom ones to cross check the critical points in your application. This framework is handy while testing or quality assurance as functionalities and performance can be measured effortlessly.


Planning to build a large scale application that can speed up your development and work in a structured manner, then nothing can beat CakePHP whose features are easy to implement and is opted by a lot of developers. Be ready to get an incredible experience with this framework embedded with aforementioned pointers that would encourage you to use this framework in a right way.

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