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Laravel 5.2 Update & New Features

Laravel, a PHP framework is used for developing everything from little to enterprise level applications. Its inventive and linguistics syntax makes laravel stand out among various frameworks on the market for programming language. Authorization library, widgets with assets like JS and CSSs form part of this futuristic framework.

Laravel has released various updates in which the latest one is 5.2. It is released on 21st Dec 2015, offering a wide range of welcome features. It comes with various additions like simplified eloquent global scopes, implicit model binding, multiple authentication driver support, and more. Laravel is setting the curve for web and application development with this fresh unleash.

Let’s have a deeper look at the cool features of Laravel 5.2:

Implicit Model Binding

Implicit Model Binding is the same feature as that of 5.1, the only difference is that this new release has removed the step of manual binding of model to a route. Injecting relevant models based on the URI segment directly into your controllers and routes have become painless with implicit model binding. It helps you to gain access quickly to the model instances that you require.

Middleware Groups

Middleware groups help you to group numerous route middleware under a single, convenient key, thereby allowing you to assign a lot of middleware to a route at once. This can be useful when building an API and a web UI within the same application. You may group the CSRF and session routes into a web group, and perhaps the rate limiter in the group of API.

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting is a tool that is often used in APIs and limits the rate at which any requester can make requests. Limit easily the number of requests that a known IP address can make to a route over a specified number of minutes with the new rate limiter middleware, which is included in this new release 5.2.

Eloquent Global Scope

The Eloquent Global scopes use has been amazingly simplified in Laravel 5.2. In the previous versions of Laravel, global Eloquent scopes were full of twists and error-prone to implement. Now you are just required to implement a single, simple method.

Array Validation

With laravel 5.2, to add validation rules, there is no need of looping through and adding the rules individually. Now you can easily validate a form with arrays by simpler and cleaner syntax provided by laravel 5.2. For example, you can validate that each email is unique in a given array input field.

Authentication Scaffolding

Laravel 5.2 provides a fast and convenient way to scaffold the authentication views for your front-end. Execute the make:auth command on your terminal which will update your routes file with the appropriate routes, will generate plain and bootstrap compatible views for user login, password reset and registration.


Laravel 5.2 is available now with many bug fixes. Now, you can build an API with rate limiting enabled in just few minutes. There are so many new features that have been added and more is about to come.

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