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Why Magento is Right Choice for eCommerce Website Development?

Magento comes with rich inbuilt functionalities and features that allows one to run an effective online store. It holds a market share of around 26% and has acquired the top most position for developing online business.

There are a whopping number of eCommerce stores powered by Magento providing the best online shopping experience. Developers frequently upgrade the Magento to eradicate the security flaws, making it safe for existing and newbie entrepreneurs.

Here are the features that make Magento the best eCommerce website development platform:

Open source

Download and install Magento for free, enjoy the quality product and best effective solutions. It provides extensions that you can easily get from Magento Connect Marketplace. You can twist the source code according to your need and add or remove functionalities and features as per the business requirement.

Freedom to choose hosting services

Magento offers flexibility and help you to save money by allowing you to pick or switch the hosting services of your choice. Still, if you are not satisfied, then get additional benefits and convenience with Magento Go along with the Magento Community edition platform.

Easily integrate with third party apps

Magento provides you the entire control for integrating with third party apps. Connect with choice of your plugin with the help of its extensible APIs or get ready-made apps or plugins to add latest features on your site. Pick any app of your choice and easily insert it into your Magento site.


Magento is highly modular and customizable where you can modify your site in any way you want. You can try different themes and can choose the best one that suits your business by making it a permanent one.

Fast loader

Everyone requires a platform that loads in under 2 seconds, allows easy page caching, processing of queries in less time, get data from databases in seconds and more. Magento provides all the above features and reduces the checkout number to one, thereby allowing the buyer to complete the overall transaction in single step.

Built for SEO

It is necessary to get traffic visits to make your site investment fruitful. Magento is search engine friendly which helps in returns and revenue generation by providing clean URLs, descriptions and tags and consist of google content API for shopping.

Develop a mobile friendly website

Magento creates your website into an optimized one by providing you the same URL of the desktop. Magento comes with responsive themes that provides you all the functions that a mobile site requires, thus helps in driving mobile phone traffic to online shops.

Multiple store management

Magento helps in reducing stress by managing your online business. It allows you to set up each store from single admin panel and provides you the same backend system to handle many websites. It offers one click solution to handle all your stores easily, thereby saving your time and money.

Easy coding

Magento coding is not complex, as the codes can be integrated easily with third party. Coding is clearly defined in Magento and the site is not interrupted by add-ons and extensions of future upgrades.

Developer friendly

Magento feature an online support community and enables the developer to add, manage and modify content accordingly. Its navigation of pages and linking  feature saves time and has attracted a lot of PHP developers to develop client apps with the Magento eCommerce platform.


Magento has  gained a lot of developers and merchant’s attention from the day it has entered the market. It powers them to build sites that provide unrivaled shopping experiences. Completely scalable in terms of design and catering to the customer’s need in an efficient way makes Magento an Ultimate eCommerce development platform.

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