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PHP 7: Improvements and Features

PHP 7 has been released at the edge of 2015 with thousands of bug fixes and optimization. It has brought to us impressive performance boost and new language features. If you are a PHP web developer and running your site on PHP enabled CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, then jump into PHP7 which is fast, flexible, pragmatic and powers everything in the world. Start exploring PHP7 and get ahead of the curve by downloading it today without worrying about dependencies.

Here is the overview of some of the features and improvements that will leave you spellbound:

Performance Improvements

The most recognizable benefit of PHP7 is its speed. It is based on PHPNG project, which increases performance and ensure quick adoption so that from the same hardware more customers can be hosted. Upgrade your PHP7 and gain huge performance which varies between 25% and 70% of real world apps without changing any line of code.

Scalar Type Hints

Scalar type hints provide developers the ability to define the return type of functions and methods. New Scalar types are now supported by the new return type declarations and argument type hints. You can ensure good input consistency of a method or function interface. Coercive mode  is enabled by default  restricting PHP from throwing a type error.

Return Type Hints

PHP7 features Return Type Hints which supports all same types as arguments. Return type hints ensure output consistency and to hint the return type we use a colon prior the opening curly brace of a function.  Declaring return types prevents unintended return values and sub-types,  especially in interfaces from breaking  the expected return type of the super-type.

Removal of Deprecated Items

The latest released has removed a slew of dead server APIs, deprecated features and extensions to make PHP run quicker. To prevent developers from producing their own insecure salts, the salt option has been deprecated for the password hash (). ASP style tags, MYSQL extensions and PHP4 style constructors have been removed to boost PHP speed.

New Operators

PHP7 comes up with two new operators, the combined comparison operator and the null coalesce operator. The combined comparison operator is used mostly when dealing with sorting and can be used with any two operands whereas the null coalesce operator  is a shorthand to check within inline comparisons, if a value is set and not null.

Memory Usage Improvements

Memory saving is an impressive feature of this version where arrays in PHP 7 use about 3.5 times less memory on 64bit (LP64) and 2.5 times on 32bit. With reduced memory usage, there will be step up in the performance as the prime reason of its improvement depends upon the optimization of internal data structure.


PHP7 has brought much desired changes and improvements in its engine for enhancing performance, thus making it the environmentally sound choice. If you are running a lot of servers than switching on to this version will be the best option. Like all major revolutions PHP 7 is still a long way off  but here’s ample time to become the king of programming language until then hold on and enjoy the existing features.

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