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4 Most Popular PHP-based Content Management Systems (CMS) 2016

Now a day’s creating website is very simple and easy on the pocket. You can build your own creative and high-quality website within minutes. Install a content management system (CMS) and build the website to display your audience.

CMS is an important base for any website which allows one to keep track of, edit and delete content. The best thing is that without technical knowledge or experience with HTML you can manage your website. It gives you the freedom to get your content on-line faster by reducing the time required to publish.

CMS  is an uncomplicated system providing tools for one-to-one marketing and making the content according to the user requirement. When it comes to choosing for a development project, there are plenty of great CMS out there which best suits your needs like:


Write a blog or to build a full-fledged website, almost anything can be customized  with WordPress. WordPress is the most high-up Content Management System with the widest base of plugins for your selections. It’s free and open source management system  and used by more than 23.3% of the top websites as of Jan 2015. It is the top most blogging system in use at more than 60 million websites.


It supports great features to give you a publisher experience on the internet like:

Simple interface

Zero technical knowledge is required to work with WordPress as all interfaces are polished and easy to use. It gives a personal touch to your site by offering numerous free themes and plugins. Simplicity makes it possible for you getting your website up and your content out.

Huge developer community

A vibrant community of users  who has solved many challenges has supported WordPress.  They have developed a new version of the software to offer multitudes of free themes and plugins to give a personal touch to your site.

Customized widgets

Almost every popular theme of  WordPress includes custom widgets. The inclusion of widgets with themes allows seamless installation thus saving time and work.


Joomla is the most popular CMS Platform which is freely available to everyone. It comes with attractive administration interface and has great support for access control protocols. It offers the perfect balance of flexibility, power and ease of use. Joomla has become one of the most powerful and sought after tools for business applications, e-commerce platforms, new portals and much more.


Here are the features of Joomla that you will love:

Multilingual support

Joomla offers more than 64 languages that mean you can build a website in French, and can create another version of the same site in any other language without stepping outside of the options.

Contact Management

Joomla allows you to add contacts, categories, departments and extend the basic contact information. It has developed a contact manager to protect the contact from spam with spam detection

Banner Management

Create a client profile, add advertising or monetize your website, Joomla provides you the banner management with the help of which you can add as many banners as you need, custom codes and much more.


Drupal is the comprehensive Content Management System  that can run on any computing platform. It is used by high profile companies in knowledge management and business collaboration. Drupal helps web developers to create and manage great mobile and social experiences.


Why you use Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS)? Read advantages:

User administration

The user can create new accounts and  set permission rights. They can be divided into groups and can be assigned one or more roles, thereby managing part of their website.

Flexibility and security

Drupal is the most flexible and highly secured CMS available in the market. The Government, leading corporations and many organizations rely on Drupal for the development of critical sites.


Drupal has the ability to manage high traffic sites to ensure scalability.It can handle all the worse situation and can ensure that your site is available even when it goes down.


Magento is a feature-rich platform that uses MySQL and Zend PHP databases. It offers unique flexibility, highly intuitive administrative interface, strong marketing, and control. Among the 30 most popular e-commerce platforms Magneto’s market share was 29.8% till May 2015. Magneto has the ability to create unique sites for the online merchants that best suit their business needs.


See here the amazing feature list of Magento CMS:

Organization & Management

Magneto has the ability to control multiple websites and share information as much as needed. It consists of the Web service API which  helps in easy integration with third party application. Magento provides 100% customizable designs and one-click upgrade.

Global Support

Magneto provides support for localization, multiple currencies, tax rates and WEEE/DEEE in EU. It is accessible through various browsers so as to not miss any client.

100% Search Engine Friendly

It has the capacity to provide auto-generated popular search term page. Magneto facilitates URL rewrites, which give full control of URL’s.

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