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Top Apple Watch Applications for Business & Office Use

There are so many apps which you can download on your Apple phone which will prove to be advantageous for your business. Such applications will not just make things faster but also more efficient for you. Technology is a big boon if you use it in a correct. With numerous apps flooding the market every other day, download the most beneficial ones and see how things become easy for you. Business scene is very competitive. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors download apps which make business processes a child’s play. Given below is list of few of the popular Apple Watch Application for business and office use.


More than 750,000 people make use of this productivity app on iOS. This app helps the employees to communicate as well as share whatever content they want with their peers. With this all new Apple Watch app the wearer will be able to read as well as reply to any direct messages via the Watch interface. This can do by dictating any comment or picking up a preselected reply. Another interesting feature of this app is that you can also manage you unread notifications via the Watch.

Microsoft OneDrive

This lovely app from house of Microsoft is a must have on the wrist of the Apple watch owner. The OneDrive for Apple Watch app enables the users to scroll through the photo albums stored on the watch. You can also view as well as delete pictures from the Watch face. This is an interesting app even though quality of pictures is not that great.


Evernote’s Apple Watch app does not boast of too functionality, but this is not bad as well. You can easily add notes by means of dictation and also decide when you want to be reminded about the same. You can view as well as search through the recently created or the updated notes. Evernote’s apps also support Handoff. This means that in case you are looking at note on the Apple Watch, it possible to also swipe it as it is present on the lower left corner of the iPhone’s lock screen. This way you will reach directly at the note.

Mint Personal Finance

This budgeting app is a must these days. This gives you a quick glance as regards how much money you have spent in a day, month or even a year. Notifications will let keep you informed whether you are on your budget or you have swayed haywire.


The public transportation directions are primarily an arena of 3rd-party apps. Neverthles, Citymapper’s Apple Watch app is changing things for its users. This app is useful in case you reside in one of the 2 dozen cities whose public transit systems are bolstered by this app. You actually get a wide array of features with this app. There is feature of one-tap directions which will take you directly to your home. You can also save different locations. Also you can plot the route to any place which you want. This app is also able to tell you which stops or public transit stations are in the vicinity. Citymapper’s Glance is relatively more confined, presenting just the information regarding any service alerts in the city which you have picked up.


Salesforce is coming up with a wide array of capabilities for the Apple Watch users so that they get a snapshot of business analytics even when they are on a go. Its Analytics Cloud for Apple Watch offers pertinent and timely data in the dashboards, graphs or Handoff. This facilitates the users to switch between the Watch and their iPhone without any problem. Voice Search permits them to see the dashboards, get the information or look out for specific reports.

The Salesforce1 for Apple Watch offers notifications to the users for updates such as major objective achievements, closings of deals, and even case escalations. All these posts can be synced with rest of the employees without a delay. The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack is available to all those who are keen to build up custom apps which are native to their Apple Watch.

So, these are few of the apps which are recommended for Apple watch users.


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