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Why it is necessary to be regularly updated on social media?

Social media has fast emerged as a tool to reach a wide audience. It was without any doubt changed the entire dynamics of marketing world. New avenues have opened up for the marketers. People who are located far off also are easy to connect now. As a matter of fact everything can be accessed at just click of a mouse button. You can share any piece of content with whole world in just few seconds.

A lot of people make use of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and others for their personal reasons. But increasingly social media is been used for business reasons. In case you do not use it then you will stay behind in race to make profits. Social Media is fast becoming an integral part of marketing strategy of most of the business houses.

Some vital facts

  • 86% of marketers accept the importance of social media to business growth.
  • Lead generation is a prime benefit of social media.
  • 75% of marketers report that expansion of traffic increase is major benefit of social media sites.

Advantages of social media

Driving customer traffic

Every portal owner desires to expand traffic to their site; Social networks are top on the list of website referrals.  In case someone recommends your site on social networking platforms more and more people are likely to visit it and this leads to certain amount of trust factor. An unknown site draws less traffic as people feel scared to try it out.

Search Engines are prime focus for diverting traffic to a site and marketers put in their best efforts towards the same. SEO exists even now but it has lately become more of the social game.

Brand formation

Brand creation as well as expansion is not an easy task. Each and every profile is one of its kind, social networks help set up unique personality of business. How they deal with each other, the overall look and feel of profile, all comprise of the vital facets of your brand. For a lot of businesses social profile is hugely vital and in some cases more than the website itself. Having a robust social media presence is an efficient way to build your company’s reputation and showcase your business. By regularly updating your prospects on all the brand and social happenings, they subconsciously start to view your company as an authority. Once you define your business objective–whether creating brand awareness, relationship building or driving new sales–you can work in parallel on all of them.  It is just a question of how well you will manage to position your business on the major social media networks.

Search Engine Optimization

With every update done to the search engine, more social outcomes are being incorporated. When you use Facebook or Google +, algorithms do not take social results into account. The social networks are changing into search engines. For instance Facebook’s graph search or Twitter has slowly emerged as a real-time search engine. What efforts you put via social media will become vital in your SEO tactics. Everything has to be done in combination to produce the right outcome.

Enhance reliability factor of your company

Besides providing high quality what is important is degree of reliability. Social media sites serve as proactive tools to enhance trustworthiness of your company. By closely dealing with your clients on social media level, you can come across as a trusted brand. The source of information makes you a big asset. When awareness about a company is established brand credibility augments itself. Social media is an important source of customer service. It transforms negative customer experience to positive result for your company. Always bear in mind that customer satisfaction is very important and it helps building brand loyalty.


Communication is vital for all business houses. Positive interaction with customers can actually lead to better reputation. Social sites allow brands as well as user to interact without any hitch. The brand becomes close to you when you are able to interact with it via social media platforms. Resulting exposure can enhance brand image.

Because of all such factors it is significant to be updated on social media.

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