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WordPress 4.4 Clifford: Explore its Key Features

Earlier this month, the new WordPress Core update was released to the world formally. After a rigorous WordPress development led by Scott Tyler, a core committer and developer, WordPress has released version 4.4 for download and upgrade on December 08, 2015. In line with the naming tradition of WordPress developments, WordPress core developers have expressed their love for jazz music by naming WordPress 4.4 Clifford after the name of legendary jazz trumpeter ‘Clifford Brown’.

The latest update 4.4 Clifford brings some amazing additions and features which make the website more connected and responsive. This new release is creating buzz among both users and developers. Now that the latest version is on hands for download or upgrade in the WordPress dashboard- let’s have a closer look at the new features and updates.

Twenty Sixteen- Newest Default WordPress Theme

Twenty Sixteen introduces a new design that has distinctive touches on a conventional blog layout. The Twenty Sixteen theme is built on a mobile-first and responsive approach that means all your images are a perfect fit, you can watch them resize on any of your devices.

The theme focuses on clean and elegant layout, hence, it has the one-column layout for content and optional right sidebar. The offers five color schemes, Default, Dark, Grey, Red, and Yellow, but you can also choose your own colors to customize color options.

Responsive Image

Responsive images and designs have become a much more complex program than ever. Today’s web users access the web via various kind of devices like tablet, Phone, desktop and more which has different screen sizes, resolutions, pixel density and more. There are many factors involved to deliver a perfect responsive image.

The new version of WordPress, Clifford has solved responsive image quandary. The image responsive issues are perfectly resolved by using ‘srcset’ and ‘sizes’ attribute. Now, the Version 4.4 has included the available sizes of an image into a srcset attribute, which allows client’s browsers to display an image based on device capabilities and saves bandwidth.

Embed Feature

WordPress development team has really worked hard in simplifying the embed feature. While building the latest version 4.4, the WordPress web development team aimed to keep embeds easy and secure for WordPress users.

With WordPress, 4.4 users can easily embed YouTube videos, Tweets and more by pasting its URL in a post. The version allows WordPress users to embed posts from any WordPress sites that support oEmbed.

Prior to version 4.4, WordPress was working as an oEmbed that allow users to easily embed posts from other websites. Now, Version 4.4 developed into an oEmbed source too, authorizing any oEmbed user to embed posts from any WordPress sites.

Developer-Focused Features

The new WordPress has come with a number of developments and changes. Now, WordPress CMS developers need to change the code in some of their products. The developer-focused features of the current version allow WordPress web development service providers to develop more comprehensive solutions and cater clients’ business needs more effectively.


Much awaited addition in WordPress took place with the release of WordPress 4.4. The new WP version has added WordPress REST API plugin into the core. Now, WordPress developer can create new APIs or work on the active WordPress APIs in their specific applications. WordPress 4.4 covers the first part of the REST API, it included infrastructure and endpoints. The infrastructure is now a part of the core, whereas the endpoints remain available for plugins.

WordPress 4.4 is user-friendly and easy to follow framework for creating WP APIs. The REST API is clearly designed for the latest mobile devices and effective browsing by applying the extensively supported JSON data serialization set up with a contemporary interface.


WordPress 4.4 has introduced Term Meta where developers can use the new term Meta API to store random data. WordPress web developers have made lots of advancements to the Taxonomy component for WordPress 4.4. Term Meta reduces a lot of plugin conflicts, this helps in applying a great standard for adding metadata to the tags and classifications. The improvement allows developers to easily categorize their content.

Comment Query Improvements

Comment queries now have cache management to enhance overall site performance. The improvement is performed to improve comment posting, but also goals to create a user friendly experience for end users to post comment queries on WordPress sites. New arguments in WP_Comment_Query make robust comment queries easier.

Term, Comment, and Network Objects

New arguments in WP_Term, WP_Comment, and WP_Network make terms, comments, and network objects more predictable and intuitive in code.


WordPress has added some wonderful features for both WordPress web developers and users in its most recent version 4.4. The version helps users make their WordPress websites more connected and responsive. WordPress 4.4 has made other smaller improvements and included some long awaited features. With the latest update, the user would get faster, easier and more intuitive website experience. Here, I would recommend all WordPress lover to download the latest version and enjoy the incredible power of the new update.

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