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6 Most Common Misconceptions About WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is the most prominent CMS in the world, powering nearly 21.2% of all the websites. It is the most easiest platform that allow even a non technical to make changes in their blog or site without any complication. WordPress provides the ease with which you can easily roll out a site, thereby helping you to create fully functional mobile applications and websites.

Despite the numerous features provided by WordPress, people are still suspicious of using WordPress for CMS development due to the several unjustified misconceptions. Here are the 6 common myths regarding WordPress:

WordPress – A Blogging Tool

WordPress is a web software which started out as a blogging platform and now has become a fully fledged content management system. The most common misconception is people still think that wordpress is just for blogging but, WordPress is not limited to blogs, one can create, develop and can customize their websites with thousands of themes, plugins, extensions and more. This reliable and robust CMS platform can be used to create business websites, eCommerce stores, directories, content based website or any type of website with ease.

WordPress – Security Threats

WordPress is an open source platform and being easily available doesn’t make it insecure. Though it is a big target for intruders, but you can strengthen its security by specialized security services offered by top wordpress development companies. It is always worth the effort and time to learn about the vulnerabilities and malware attacks. WordPress comes with numerous security plugins like bulletproof security, all in one WP security and more, which you can install on your site and make it free from hackers and fraudsters.

WordPress – Unsafe Plugins

WordPress comes with thousands of plugin and it is not possible that all of them have bugs or serious problems. It is the administrator’s own diligence to choose the well developed, highly rated and supported plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Before installing, make sure that your plugins have been recently updated, have a good amount of downloads and supports your version of WordPress.

WordPress – Less Community Support

The idea that there is no support is totally a misconception. This is a common concern by newbies who think that there is no support for those who doesn’t pay anyone to use WordPress. There are a plethora of free community support options available like support forums, WordPress documentation and IRC chat rooms. WPBeginner is also freely available online resource site with many of WordPress tutorials. There are many paid support who can share their knowledge like WordPress developers, businesses and agencies.

WordPress – Not Good for eCommerce Websites

WordPress is the perfect platform for creation of eCommerce websites providing a large amount of customization options and features. It comes with a variety of WordPress plugins which are very easy to use to achieve your goals. There are large and small businesses selling products and services based on WordPress. Many of these companies participate actively in the WordPress community effectively and efficiently.

WordPress – Not Appropriate for High Traffic Websites

It is claimed that WordPress can’t handle so many database queries or high traffic or it is very slow. This myth is not true as larger companies like CNN, Forbes, TIME magazine, Techcrunch and more are using WordPress with their high traffic websites. Host your website on a secured server to waive off performance and security issues. WordPress is the most scalable and flexible platform that can be easily adjusted as per your needs of your large projects.


We have discussed the common myths about WordPress. These are the baseless misconceptions about this platform. Don’t let yourself to be constrained by the false ideas about this CMS. WordPress is doing the best job by giving a secured, flexible and robust platform to countless number of people with tons of feature.


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