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We offer Business Intelligence solutions that are eventfully and logically related methodologies, technologies to offer a robust BI perspective to your business.

BI App Development Services

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Business Intelligence Development

Business Intelligence applications are developed for offering business related information to the decision makers or business managers, whenever they need. An enterprise has to be operated based on collective information from various sectors or units within the business. Business intelligence apps make this process seamless.

For developing business intelligence apps, it is important to hire an experienced as well as expertise service provider. GirnarSoft possesses the right amount of knowledge as well as experience to provide meticulous BI application development solutions to various enterprises.

Different business decision makers need different types of information. As a veteran BI applications development service provider, our aim is analyzing the scopes of developing BI apps and implementing it seamlessly so that it can serve the purposes flawlessly.

Our team has the experience to work for various enterprises, starting from large to small scale enterprises. Providing collective data from reliable sources is the sole aim of our BI applications. Developers at GirnarSoft ensure full customized services to the service seekers for this reason.

Our BI application development service includes ETL including multi-source complex transformation, Data Integration and Management, Data Warehousing and Analytics, Data filtering and cleansing including manual and semi automated processing, Cloud-based Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Forecasting for Finances and Operations, Business Analytics Dashboards, Mobile Business Analytics Solutions (iPad, Android), Business Activity Monitoring and Reporting, etc.

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Business Intelligence at a Glance

business Intelligence Application
Business Intelligence SOlutions
  • » Enterprise Reporting Solutions
  • » Business results & insights sharing
  • » Decision Reporting & Query Handling
  • » IT Administrators Management
  • » Mobile Work-force Reporting
  • » Unified Enterprise Reporting
  • » Unified Enterprise Distribution
Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

GirnarSoft provides expertise enterprise reporting services through its robust BI application development. These reports help business managers to take effective business decisions with seamlessness. As a result, the business moves towards optimal profitability.

  • » Assemble & organize BI content
  • » Analyze Information & Share Results
  • » Self-serviceable BI Resources
  • » Easy-to-manage & define protocols
  • » Data-driven Decision Management
  • » Build & Assign Interactive Dashboards
  • » Assign Dashboards to Multiple Audience

Interactive BI Dashboards

BI applications are made user-friendly so that data can be accessed and understood without facing any technical difficulties. The dashboard has been kept interactive so that using the applications becomes fun for the business mangers.

  • » BI Mobile app for iPhone & Android
  • » Access Dynamic Reports & Analytics
  • » Information-rich BI experience
  • » Visual Interactive BI Application
  • » Trend-focused & Data Driven BI Features
  • » Mobile BI Based Resource Elements
  • » Mobile BI Reporting Integrated Offerings
Mobile Intelligence Development

Mobile BI

Small business owners need personalized BI apps for their Smartphone devices or handheld devices. For such requirements, we cater end to end expertise services with perfection. Our apps are compatible with all major platforms, as per the requirements of the clients.

  • » Communicate Complex Ideas & Trends
  • » Display Associations Related To Time, Hierarchies & Themes
  • » Support the predictive needs of users
  • » Display Associations for Exploratory Analysis
  • » Define all from KPIs to Dashboards
  • » Data Driven Visualization
Data Visulization

Data Visualization

Meticulous BI apps should have provisions for excellent data visualization so that business managers or decision makers can plan business strategies, new product launches, marketing plans and various other business related plans with high end precision.

  • » Portfolio Analytics
  • » Risk Analytics
  • » Security Analytics
  • » Software Analytics
  • » Performance Analytics
  • » Productivity Analytics
Analysis Intelligence


To aid data interpretation and analysis, meticulous and interactive maps, pie charts, etc. are created by the BI apps. This makes the applications smarter and handier for the business owners. Meticulous analysis helps in robust BI app development process.

Business Intelligence Offerings

  • Business Intelligence Consultancy
  • Custom BI App Development
  • Enterprise Reporting System
  • BI App Integration Solutions
  • BI Analytic Platform Development
  • Business Intelligence for Mobile Platform
  • BI for Real-time Reporting
  • Data Warehousing BI App
  • BI App for Mobile Workforce
  • BI for Business Process modeling
  • BI App Data Visualization
  • BI for Mobile Devices
  • BI App for Document Management
  • BI App for Business Process Automation


It was great working with GirnarSoft and hope we do a lot of such successful projects in the future. If you are a marketer and looking for an agency for a web—based project and have a very little time to get it done, you know whom to contact.

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They could make the application about 60 times faster than our team, because they have incredible resources and a deep understanding of the coding required.

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Girnar can provide know-how in areas that you don’t usually see in India, like developing and maintaining complex optimization models. I could probably find the same quality of work in Europe, but no one would offer me the same value for my money.

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