Life @ GirnarSoft

Great policies at work making the most of amazing environment and even opportunities for all

life @ GirnarSoft

10+ Years in Business

Over 85000 hours of working

2100+ Professionals

With average 4 years of experience

65% Repeat Customers

Qualified & consistent retention

360° Perspective

Way towards complete solution

Life at GirnarSoft

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GirnarSoft is an organization that thrives on values. These values are all about making ourselves most regarded as a team that holds vision of growth, surety and success. Our treasured values make us perform with grit and grandeur in tough times and make us believe ever more in ourselves as we move closer to our collective goal of bringing better perspective of technology to your life.


Equal Opportunity

Among many philosophies that make Girnarsoft a benchmark for industrial behavior is the idea of providing equal opportunities to all. Any policy or any mandate you take, we have created it on an insistent model offering alike work and growth opportunities to all our employees and partners. If there’s any reservation it is for right talent and aptitude.



We have a separate independent facility for training that is run by veteran professionals from industry. Well-placed system and authentic resources work in compliance with the expert knowledge that we possess across different web and mobile technologies allowing you to learn and develop best understanding in your stream.


Learning and Growth

People are most motivated when they are effectively communicated about their goals and their efforts are appraised and recognized well. We do so regularly at GirnarSoft while allowing them a great environment to work making sure that there is enough space for our employee to learn, recreate and evolve themselves as a resource.



Company has a great deal of impact of employees’ life in the way it offers refreshing ways of work-life balance and creates value-driven atmosphere to help them effectively achieve personal and professional goals. We keep them nurtured in a controlled environment where they find a culture that reveals openness, acceptance and fulfillment.



With people working from all corners of the country and beyond, we have a diversified culture blooming with great harmony at GirnarSoft. We encourage and celebrate all cultures, festivals and colors of life in our company. Our training exchange and cross-induction programs keep people from different countries come and learn our ways of working and vice-versa.